Becoming an MBO: Melissa Smith Shares Her Success Story

Becoming an MBO: Melissa Smith Shares Her Success Story

Melissa Smith is one of our most recent MBO graduates. Melissa began her venture in the automotive media fleet industry in 1999 where she worked for Thompson Communications in Denver, CO.

Now, she is the CEO of Rocky Mountain Redline which is the leading automotive fleet service company in Denver, CO.

So what exactly does Rocky Mountain Redline do, you ask? Well, they maintain vehicles for media press fleet operations and automotive consumer events. In human words, they make new cars look sexy and make sure they are the center of attention at any event.

Here is our Q&A with Melissa and her progress since completeing our MBO program:


1. When you started with Entrepreneur Simplified (Kim Flynn Consulting) where were you in business? What were your biggest pain points? What was the day to day like in your company?

“I started in November of 2015 after a BIR retreat at the lodge.  My business was almost three years old and pulling a small profit.  I had nine employees, only myself and one other full-time.  My biggest pain point was trying to manage staff in a compassionate yet professional way.  I had a hard time delegating tasks and was overwhelmed by my work load and inability to train well.  Day to day was crazy (still is) and never the same.  I dealt a lot with learning how to control and know my finances as well as the ins and outs of ‘business.’  I knew the industry, but I was going blind in the business owner realm.”

Redline, getting your MBO


2.  Where are you now in business? What is the day-to-day like in your company? How have you grown & expanded? What path are you on for the future? 

“My business is now nearly five years old.  I have 7 full-time and 21 part-time employees.  We are going to break $1M in revenue this year (which I set as my 2020 mission at one of the retreats).  The day-to-day for me is now very little management with a focus on client relations, growth and planning.  I have a crew that respects my vision and is very loyal because of it.  I have learned how to professionally convey to each of them their worth and well as areas they need to grow.  We have become known as the best automotive media fleet vendor in the nation and have had national companies reach out for partnership.  We are now managing events on a national level and are looking to expand much more in the next two to five years.”

3. What has been the single biggest takeaway from the program? 

“The direct systems I use to analyze the staffing progress and goals.  A way for me to systematically speak with them that keeps everything factual and yet still complimentary.  Plug & Play has been huge for us as well.  We are now able to pass the bus test knowing exactly each task it takes to operate the business.  This will be a phenomenal tool if we decide to open other offices.”

4. What is your favorite business quote?

“Success in not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

5. If you had a billboard for all the world to see with one message, what would it be?

“You will make a difference in the lives of everyone you encounter.  Make it be for the better.”

We loved having Melissa and seeing her thrive. For a chance to grow your business and get your MBO degree, join us at Free Training For Entrepreneurs