Logic – True, But Useless

Logic – True, But Useless


I have a confession. I skipped work today.


I emailed my team this morning at 7 am, telling them I couldn’t come in because I had sick kids, which is true but not true.


The reason why I skipped work today is because I would do more damage than good if I went in today.


Maybe Jupiter is in retrograde, or maybe I am just in a bad mood, but I woke up this morning with fantasies of a giant crater opening up in the earth and making the entire sales department just disappear. Our sales team has been in a bit of a slump lately, and it is making me crazy. It isn’t the people on the team so much as it is the results. We just can’t seem to pull out the numbers we should be. In the wee hours of the morning, wishing the entire department would just vanish seemed like a great solution.

If you have had a business for more than a day, you will know that the sales team is the life blood of the business. The last thing you would ever want is for your entire sales department to disappear. Logically, I know this. But, logic wasn’t in the driver’s seat this morning.

Which brings me to my next point. A quote from my favorite life hack writer, the lovely Tim Ferriss. He calls things like LOGIC in this situation, when your moods are wonky, TBU. True but useless. He continues, “Logic fails. If you were to summarize the last 100 years of behavioral psychology in two words, that would be the takeaway.”

I like to consider myself very logical. Very strategic. Not prone to giant swings of human emotion. But, every once in a while, I just need to remove myself from a situation where my emotions are in control.


So I have taken a day to let logic gain its rightful place as ruler of the business once again.


And, I got a text a few hours ago from our sales manager reporting amazing numbers from my sales team today. One woman tripled her sales, two other guys doubled. Our superstar continues being a superstar.

So my message to you is, my dear business owner, whether your emotions ruling looks like anger, despair, or anything else nefarious, sometimes the best good you can do for your business is just to disappear for a day.

xo, Kim

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