Do Your Sales Conversations Go Like This?

Do Your Sales Conversations Go Like This?


I woke up this morning with shoulders so sore I couldn’t hold a hairdryer. I had to lift up my arm, using the other arm, to brush my teeth.

I am sore because I did six minutes of a squat/burpee sequence at a Crossfit gym yesterday and those six minutes kicked my butt. Six minutes.

Addendum to the story, I actually tore my rotator cuff. I am getting old.

Our clients, we’ll call them Dan and Derek, run a gym. They graciously invited me and my daughter to get a free personal training session with one of their coaches and I attended with ulterior motives.

The Sales Process

I wanted to see what their sales process looked like which wasn’t bad… It was nonexistent.

Here’s how it went:

The coach came up to us, said hi, then immediately put us on bikes to warm up.

The missed opportunity:

  • The coach didn’t ask us what our pain points were. Why we wanted to work out– whether our goal was weight loss, muscle definition, more energy, etc. He couldn’t reference what we were hoping to get out of joining a gym because he didn’t know what we were hoping to get out of the gym. The coach/salesperson is now flying blind.
  • If he would have asked, he would have learned that I love having muscle lines in my legs. My legs are a current state of alarming jiggle, sans lines.

What happened: 

  • The coach asked us at the end of the workout, point blank, ” So are you interested in joining?” This was immediately following our workout (which was GREAT, I might add) and before mentioning price, dates, or what to expect. It was simply a workout, then a “So, do you want it?”

The missed opportunity: 

  • Assuming he knew my pain point in advance, he could have spent the entire hour-long workout mentioning how each exercise he led us through would alleviate jiggle legs and give me lines. I would then have been primed and ready for a sales conversation.
  • At the end of the workout, he would have then asked me a series of questions, leading me through the sales process. Hint: the sales process is mostly the prospective client talking. If you are regurgitating information about your business and talking more than the client, you aren’t selling. You are throwing up on them. We teach our clients and have them practice this sales process in depth at Sales Academy, in our year-long MBO program.
  • After leading me through the sales questions, he could have then asked what I liked and what my concerns were about the program. This would be his chance to determine what would hold me back from joining the gym.
  • As it was presented, my daughter and I discussed joining the gym on our way home in the car, addressing our concerns to each other. The coach/salesperson had no idea what those concerns were, so he wasn’t able to address them.

You never want to wait for a potential client/customer to volunteer their objections in the sales process. Instead, you need to come right out and ask them, ” What are your concerns in joining our program?”


It’s About Them, Not You

It is easy to look at this sales example and see the missed opportunities in the sales process. 

It will be harder to turn a critical eye on your business. Go through the bullets listed above again, this time thinking about your own sales process. What tweaks do you need to make to ensure the process is more about the client’s pain and less about you? What processes do you need to add to make sure the prospective client knows what is being offered?

When you add in these elements, suddenly the sales process moves from being a SNEAK ATTACK that both you and the client dread to a pleasant conversation about THEM. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy talking about themselves?

We would love to help you build a strong sales process. You know where to find us. Free Training for Entrepreneurs



P.S People ask us frequently– Can I join the MBO program without coming to a retreat first? The short answer is NO. We need to make sure we are fit– you need to ensure that our teaching style is a fit and we want to ensure that you are teachable (and sane). We commit a year to each other and we consider the retreat the dating before the marriage!

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