How to Solve Your Employee Problems with a Spreadsheet

How to Solve Your Employee Problems with a Spreadsheet

Employee issues require soft skills, right? You need to have heart-to-hearts, bond as a group and create a winning culture. So what do spreadsheets have to do with employees?

Everything, it turns out.

What if your personnel issues require you to have the soft skills, but also manage it through spreadsheets? It is like Spock working with Captain Kirk, a match made in heaven.Spock asking to help (employees)

Let’s address the soft skills first. Here are my recommendations, after working with hundreds of employees over the past almost twenty years:

  • Read Crucial Conversations.
  • Have lots of crucial conversations–more than you think you need.
  • Have crucial conversations about crucial conversations.
  • When you find yourself shying away or intimidated to have a crucial conversation, have it anyway.
  • If the employee is not making improvements after said conversations, you will need to let them go.
  • It isn’t fun to let people go, but you will need to do it anyway.
  • Even if they stalk your company, and write lots of bad reviews about you.
  • Stay open & hopeful, even after a bad employee experience. The good ones are out there as well.

Those are the soft skills needed to handle employee issues in a nutshell.

cat petting duck

Now for the Spock side.

If all you are doing is having conversations (see soft skills above) and not holding employees accountable for their work product on a weekly basis, you won’t know when they are showing improvement.

You won’t know when they are turning around, or not turning around. You won’t know when you need to let them go, or give them another chance.

oprah giving spreadsheets

Enter spreadsheets . . .

At our retreats, we teach you step-by-step how to run your weekly meeting, holding all of your employees accountable for the projects they had to complete that week. We also teach you how to run monthly one-on-one’s, with a series of questions so powerful, we call them. . .


After putting these two spreadsheet Spock systems in place, complementing your soft skills, you won’t need to doubt your leadership decisions. That feels good.


I can’t promise that you won’t have employee issues, but I can promise you that you will be able to hold your employees accountable and know when you need to let them go.

That is a gift.

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Kim Flynn