Why you DON’T want word of mouth marketing


I would guess the answer of half the business owners coming through our doors would answer the question, “How do you get most of your clients?” in this way: 


Everyone thinks word of mouth is the holy grail of marketing. It means that you have done such an amazing job “getting your name out there” that you don’t have to actually market. You just have to wait by the phone.

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I am not a fan of word of mouth.

Don’t get me wrong–I love when our phone rings but if I am relying on my phone ringing as my primary marketing method, I am in a position of WEAKNESS.

Weak, because you aren’t in control.weak!

If you imagine business as a large wall of pulleys and levers, marketing is the BIG one with red flashing lights on it, right in the middle of the wall.

If you are relying on word of mouth to grow your business, you have no way to pull a lever. You are not in control. Marketing has evolved and word of mouth is becoming obsolete.

Pull the lever. Don't use word of mouth

Your business might grow by 5%, 7%, even 10% in a year, but you can’t make REAL gains unless you can pull that lever.

Pulling that lever is creating a marketing system.

If you are scared to “do marketing,” if you are tired of feeling marketing guilt for all of the things you think you should be doing but aren’t. If you are wondering if you really do need to post on every social media outlet available, I have good news for you.

You only need one predictable lever to pull and we will build that together at the Business Intensive Retreat.

Your first step is to pull this lever:



Kim Flynn


P.S. You might be scared to learn marketing because you are afraid of technology. Time to get over your pansy ways and face that fear! 😉


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