Only Read this if you are STRUGGLING in Business

Only Read this if you are STRUGGLING in Business

I know you.


I know you very well.
I know you very well because I was you.
I know you very well because I was you for SEVEN years.


When I started my first business, I was 23. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t even have a business license. I was running this illegal operation out of my home, employing the local college students to come to my house and tutor kids.


I loved that business for a few years, and then I hated it.


Did I mention HATED it?
I hated it because there was always something broken. If my sales team was working, then the finance was broken. By the time finance was fixed, our leads dried up. When we figured leads out, our sales team stopped selling, and on and on and on.
I hated it so much in fact that I had a post-it note, stuck to my computer screen, listing the reasons I wanted to be in business. My sad attempt to motivate myself and keep slogging through.
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Consequently, I felt completely trapped by that business and didn’t see a way out. I had created a mess that was 100 percent dependent on me. If I didn’t show up to work, the business didn’t run. If I didn’t bust my *ss, the bank accounts ran dry. Forget golden handcuffs–I had on worthless plastic handcuffs and I didn’t see a way out.
business hate it struggling alone help know

And yet…


I didn’t reach out for help. I was too ashamed of the mess I had created. I figured I would reach out ONLY AFTER I had figured most of it out. Then I would get help fine tuning just the minor stuff.
You know how the story went from there. I struggled in that space for SEVEN years. At Entrepreneur Simplified, we call that a level two business. Your gross revenue is between 100K – 500K. You have employees (that you sometimes like) and you are in the constant struggle of fixing broken things.
And this is where the story gets happier. I got help! And I’m not talking about some money manifestation crap. I immersed myself in everything business. Reading books, working with mentors, and most importantly . . . implementing everything and TESTING what worked and what didn’t.
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Fast forward 17 years after starting that first business.


I sold most of my businesses off and started Entrepreneur Simplified (previously Kim Flynn Consulting) as a way to help business owners who were stuck in that place like I was for all of those years.
I am inviting you to join us at a Business Intensive Retreat, and start your BUSINESS EDUCATION with us. Whether you have been in business for a year or twenty, if you are a business owner who wants to learn a better way, we would LOVE to help.
Yours, Kim Flynn
P.S. Did I mention–no money manifestation crap?
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