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Don’t let bad statistics happen to you. If you are looking for no-bs, no-fluff, nuts & bolts business education, you are in the right place.

You might be talented, hard-working, and motivated to grow your business, but without REAL business education, talented business owners often play way below their potential.

Check out these statistics:

  • Only 12% of women and 24% of men reach 100K revenue.
  • Only 4% of women and 8% of men reach 500K.
  • Only 1.8% of women and 6% of men reach 1M.

business warrior


We teach business success no matter your stage of business.

Our program allows you to implement every assignment from every class immediately. There are no case studies, no mock assignments. Everything you learn is yours to implement that day. We meet your business where it’s at, providing different training based on your phase of business.

business processes


$0 – $100K

Is your business just starting out? Starting over? Starting to drive you crazy? If you haven’t broken the $100k mark yet, our Start-up Program will take all of those scattered pieces of your business and put them together into a cohesive system.

business workshop


$150K – $500K

You’ve killed yourself to get to this point – make sure your next steps don’t kill the momentum you’ve built. Our Growth Program will teach you how to start focusing on the neglected areas of your business (often finance, and leadership) while continuing to grow your marketing and sales.



$500K – $1M+

You’ve figured out some things, now let’s really make some money! Leadership is the name of the game at this stage of business. Our Scale Program will teach you how to step out of running your business almost completely, and step into full CEO.

Prepare to get uncomfortable.

Maybe You’ve Seen Us Around…

entrepreneurs education

Meet our Founder & Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Kim Flynn

She’s been there, built that, and proven the systems that work for Entrepreneurs of all kind.

Want to learn what it REALLY takes to be successful in your business? We’ve got just the founder to learn from.

Entrepreneur Simplified was created by Kim Flynn, creator and founder of 8 businesses, and by all accounts has “arrived” at business success. Kim’s journey has driven her to teach entrepreneurs that business success isn’t magic: it’s work. She teaches the formulas for success in the programs offered through Entrepreneur Simplified.

Kim shares her best practices and step-by-step processes for business success and believes any entrepreneur can succeed by applying those practices. Her curriculum is part training, part mentoring and bridges the gap between the theory of the academic world and the fluff of the coaching world.

MBO program


Real feedback from our students

young entrepreneurs

Our business has grown by 30% in the year we’ve been in the program and is taking off!

Jona Gamboa
Century 21 Everest Realty Group

CEO builder

We grew our business by 500% in 6 months! I’d recommend this program to any entrepreneur serious about taking their business to the next level.

Mona Das
MOXY Money

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